The adventure park near Cluj,  Adrenalin Park, turned into an overnight sensation in 2014 by opening 12 adventure courses designed for those who love adventure, climbing and outdoor sports! Having a siggestive motto “Feel the adventure!”, the adventure park from Cluj – Adrenalin Park – welcomes its guests with an intense experience, orginal by approach and implementation. Open to the public since 15 august 2014, Adrenalin Park has fulfilled its promise and launched on the touristical and leisure market from the region a highly attractive new objective: an adventure park built at international standards, fully equipped for hosting guests of all ages, from children to seniors.

What did 2014 mean for the adventure park from Cluj? In brief: building a team that we are proud of and receiving in completely safe conditions about 4000 guests during 3 months of activity.

2014 Adventure Season at Adrenalin Park: a Short Yet Intense Season!

Since an outdoor adventure season covers theoretically 8 calendaristic months (from March to Octorber), and Adrenalin Park was open at the season’s end (in 15 August 2014), for us the 2014 adventure season was in fact a very short one. As weather conditions were quite good in autumn 2014, the adventure park operated under an extra-season regime between the 1st and 15th of November 2014.  Even if October had two rainy weeks with a very unfriendly wind, in November the weather was mercifull and gave us two sunny weeks, naturally with lower temperature We enjoyed welcoming many guests right from the 1st operational day: about 4000 persons have experienced tree climbing in the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca, Feleac village, near Casele Micești.

2014 Adventure Season Highlights at Adrenalin Park

The adventure park from Cluj had some peak moments in the company of its guests and partners. In retrospect, each day had a special moment, a detail that marked us and transformed our opening season in a great adventure. You may find below a list of these special moments:

-The opening to the public: the 15th of August 2015. One of the warmest days of 2014 summer, with a maximum of 30 degrees Celsius, Friday 15.08.2014 gave the tone for the hottest weekend of the year. The first guests stepped in the adventure park: adrenaline at the max! – new adventure courses, new guests (some of them having a critical eye as they have visited before the largest adventure parks across Europe), original requests and lots of fun and good spirit. On Sunday we were already hitting the 100 persons/day guests peak. The full moon form that period was of really good fortune for the opening of the adventure park from Făget. Focused on the climbers’ safety and their instruction before climbing the aerial rope courses, the inauguration of the aventure park was friendly and simple, so that evryone feels at ease.

-The busiest day in the adventure park: the 12th  of October 2014. After an intense weekend start, Sunday, 12.10.2014, was the peak of the adventure season. About 300 adult and kids have spent their day at Adrenalin Park. It was a sunny day, with a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius and an average of 15 degrees Celsius – an optimal temperature for outdoor effort and activities. We had a high regard for those guests that have already assimilated the climbing techniques and were sharing this knowledge with their loved ones. Our programs for pupils and students were starting to come to fruition: large groups were arriving in the adventure park near Cluj.

-The busiest week in the adventure park: 8 – 14 September 2014. As expected, the last week of the summer holidays has attracted the little adventurers to the climbing courses, together with their parents and summer camp coordinators. Seven days of nice weather,clear skyes, with an average 20 degrees and a warm wind from the South. Before school begun, kids and juniors were eager to have a bite more from the summers’s taste of adventure, this time straight from the adventure courses!

-The most beautiful evening at Adrenalin Park: 31st of October 2014. In spite of the unfriendly weather conditions, Hallowen in the adventure park near Cluj was a fairytale. As in an enchated forrest, tens of sculpted pumpkins have scattered the perimeter…! When the dark set in, one could see only these strange figures in the forrest, enchanting the ones who did dare to adventure up to the park.

-The most challenging month in the adventure park: november 2014. Even of the weather was whimsical, with temperatures close to sero degrees Celsius, some people were not scared by the winter sun and cloudy sky. The adventure park welcomed these brave groups upon request. The tree climbers’ satiosfaction was great and we congratulate them for their attitude and discipline.  

Behind the Scenes of the 2014 Adventure Season at Adrenalin Park

Because everything started much earlier than the public opening, we can say that 2014 equaled a tremednous execution and coordination effort. The 9 aerial courses for adults and the 3 courses for kids have been executed with a maximal attention to details and in full compliance with all safety requirements necessary for the tree climbing activity.  

The park operators’ team has demonstrated implication in all the activities organised in the adventure park and is willing to constantly improve the quality of the delivered service. We have appreciated our guests and groups coordinators cooperation. Our priority is our guests safety on the adventure courses and the delivery of proper training so that everyone can finish each aerial segment by himself and in a correct manner.  

For 2015, the adventure park near Cluj plans to open the relaxation area and a diverse adventure program, adjusted to all public categories.