Adrenalin Park is one of the few places around Cluj-Napoca ideal for outdoor events! Organizing a 100% outdoor event is still a novelty for many event organizers, however the adventure park team has been implementing this kind of events since 2014, since its establishment! The program of an event at Adrenalin Park is built around outdoor adventure and movement. The forest surrounding Adrenalin Park is a true oasis of relaxation and fresh air.

Team Buildings

Successful team building in Cluj area starts with choosing the right venue to facilitate communication and team building. The adventure activities offered by Adrenalin Park are designed to create a safe space where each team can live a unique experience.

The formats of the outdoor team building programs in the adventure park include both the obstacle courses and zip lines, as well as the team games circuit with workshops such as artificial climbing, escape games, human bowling, Jacob’s ladder, archery, slack line.

The number of participants can vary from 10 to 250 people.

The Adrenalin Park Terrace welcomes you with a delicious menu adapted to small and large groups.

Team building organizers are kindly requested to contact us in advance to arrange the programme and menu.

Birthday Parties

Birthdays celebrated outdoors at Adrenalin Park are memorable, fun and suitable for all ages. Of course, children’s birthdays are the most popula, their excitement is at its peak every time! Plus, parents can relax as the adventure trails take up plenty of the little ones’ time!

But what happens on a birthday at Adrenalin Park? The answer is simple: everyone who wants to go on the adventure courses and zip lines goes climbing up in the trees; everyone who wants to relax on the terrace or in the hammocks stays on the ground.

The number of guests on birthdays ranges from 5 to 60 people. The adventure park will accommodate groups of various sizes, depending on availability on the date chosen.

Adrenalin Park Terrace welcomes you with a delicious menu, and the cake can, of course, be brought by the family!

School Trips

A school trip spiced up with a bit of adventure will pique the interest of students of all ages! Adrenalin Park cordially invites school groups from all over the country to organize an adventure outing with tree climbing, artificial climbing, zip lines and team adventure games.

We will learn how to progress on an aerial obstacle course, how to operate safety carabineers and sliding pulleys on the zip line course! We will discover more about ourselves and learn the importance of coordinated movements for a harmonious body development.

Groups of students can arrive organized by individual classes or several classes at the same time, depending on the availability of climbing harnesses on the chosen date.

School trip coordinators are kindly requested to make appointments in advance!

Summer Parties

The summer party concept is already established in some organizations. Adrenalin Park is a new, more fun and perhaps more affordable alternative to a classic summer party. One advantage of summer parties in the adventure park is that you don’t have to waste time organizing extra activities: the adventure courses and zip lines are here and waiting for adventurers with the so refreshing shade!

Dining can be very relaxing, on one of the Adrenalin Park terraces. Drinks are served directly from the chalet’s bar and the atmosphere can be set by an experienced DJ managing music in a natural setting.

The number of guests can vary from 10 to 200 guests, depending on the availability of the park on the mutually agreed date.

Family Day

The adventure park near Cluj is already known as a place where families can spend quality time together. Already having a rich experience in organizing events for young and old, Adrenalin Park accommodates events dedicated to families, where both children and adults can enjoy a varied and fun program!

The concept of a Family Day event organized for company employees or parents and children enrolled in an educational establishment is increasingly popular. At Adrenalin Park, the little ones can have fun on the adventure courses dedicated to them, teenagers and adults can enjoy the more difficult courses, relax on the zip lines or relax in the hammocks and on the terrace.

The number of participants can vary from 10 to 250 guests, depending on the availability of the park on the mutually agreed date.

Private Anniversaries

Private anniversaries held at Adrenalin Park cover a wide range of occasions: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, name days, graduations, themed anniversaries, etc. The important thing is to prepare your guest list and determine what suits them. Remember: Adrenalin Park is a place for all ages! The important thing is to keep a young spirit and zest for life!

After your adventure and relaxation session on the adventure courses and ziplines, we invite you to have lunch together on one of the outdoor terraces at Adrenalin Park.

Private celebrations can be done in large groups, but we’re there for you even if it’s just the two of you! The important thing is to have the right accomplice for the moment!

Corporate Events

The life of a company has various moments that deserve to be carefully organized. Some occasions that can be spiced up with a bit of adventure at Adrenalin Park are: rewarding outstanding results, onboarding new employees, transferring management of divisions or departments, preparing a new campaign, preparing the team for stepping out of their comfort zone in the face of a new phase of development, opening new branches, inaugurating new products or services – anything can be associated with the spirit of exploration and adventure!

Event formats can be discovery and exploration style, competitive style or laissez-faire style. The duration can be a few hours or a whole day.

The menu will be adapted to the type of event and the number of participants. Please write to us in advance for details.

Touristic Tours

If you are a travel agency or an active themed tour organizer, your planned sightseeing tour may include an adventure stop on the adventure courses and spectacular zip lines at Adrenalin Park! You can come by hiking, biking or by car – it all depends on the theme and type of the tour being organized.

Form our experience, tourists appreciate the fresh air, the coolness of the forest and the opportunity to do something different! In addition, the organic architecture of the Adrenalin Park wooden tourist lodge is a rarity in the region and an example of rural architecture.

The area’s tourist trails are rich and varied. For more details, please contact us directly.

Educational Programs

For kindergarten children, pupils of all school cycles and students, Adrenalin Park can be a point of interest both for getting in touch with adventure activities and for discovering the environment. Outdoor activities are very interesting and educational. At Adrenalin Park kids get to explore Nature, understand the importance of environment protection, learn about risk management, about the importance of being safe and of cooperating with others.

We traditionally are involved in the national School In A Different Way programs and in the educational institutions outdoor alternative activities. We collaborate with teachers and professors in the field of sports, geography, biology, environment education and other Natural sciences.