Adrenalin Park is the perfect location for creating a unique experience to your loved ones, your business partners and your customers. Situated near Cluj-Napoca, near Casele Micești village, the adventure parc is an ideal destination for families, school groups and tourist groups.

The activities in the adventure park are held exclusively outdoor and are adapted to the season. Therefore, you will discover activities that are suitable for the warm season (March – October) and activities suitable for the cold season (November – February). The peak of the adventure season is during June and August, the holidays season for both kids and adults.

Let’s see what activities we have in place at the adventure park!

Warm Season Adventure Activities

By its architecture, Adrenalin Park can host up to 200 people, simultaneously on the adventure courses. Whether you have a team of 10 people or of 400 people, the venue allows the design of exceptional outdoor events, where everyone will feel challenged and involved.

Private Anniversaries

Birthdays are special moments in the life of each person and it deserves a special attention. Within Adrenalin Park you can spend a fantastic time with family and friends: challenging courses, joyful moments accompanied by tasty goodies served on the terraces arranged around the touristic chalet.

Kids Parties

Build a fantastic event for your kids and let them taste the adventure! Kids share a massive energy when engaged in outdoor activities. The special adventure courses for kids will be fun, entertaining and challenging. From 4 years old toddler to early teens, kids will enjoy these adventure activities! Birthday parties have a special format with fun surprises on our behalf!

Corporate Events

Imagine a full day event or a half-day event out in the fresh air, in the middle of the forest and a fairytale landscape! Guests can be organized in teams and distributed on the aerial rope courses so that everyone enjoys adventure! In addition to all that, we can organize multiple team outdoor games and the contests can become the main attraction of the event.

School Trips

The adventure park near Cluj is the perfect location for a school trip. Going out with your class mates reinforce the belonging to a group, forms new friendships and help each student to discover their capabilities in and harmonious environment. Under the supervision of our park monitors, each student will be guided and encouraged to go on the adventure courses.

Team building

Team building programs at Adrenalin Park are diverse and adjusted for all ages and all fitness levels. You can opt for one day, half-day or a few hours of adventure. Along the adventure courses and the amazing zip lines, our guests can enjoy the team circuit games and other activities intended to boost team spirit.

Events at Adrenalin Park

Our own events are included in a special program intended to celebrate particular moments in the life of the adventure park. Season parties, live contests, themed events – all will be regularly communicated, so that you can join them!

Cold Season Adventure Activities

Fall and winter are suitable for adventure, if we are correctly equipped! The progression of the aerial rope courses is fun amidst the picturesque autumn colors or the beautiful white of snow in Făget.

Fall / Winter Adventure Team Buildings

Cold season is perfect for outdoor activities on the team circuit and the aerial courses. The team building will be made in different formats, according to the team members and the duration for your stay in the adventure park.

Fall / Winter School Trips

During November – February, school groups are welcome at Adrenalin Park. Naturally, we adjust to the weather conditions and we schedule in time our visit at the adventure park. Kids would always play outside! Let’s encourage them to do so!

Outdoor Events

Fall and winter, we enjoy the vivid colors or the bright white that surrounds us! We encourage the practice of adventure during cold season for oxygenation and movement gives us positive energy! A hot meal can be organized inside the touristic chalet.


Outdoor Terraces
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Hot meals
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Adventure courses
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