Winter is coming! … Yet our adventure spirit did not freeze!  We live the adventure and sweat on the high rope aerial courses in Adrenalin Park! In the move, the cold sensations disappear, the forest becomes friendlier, and the suspended obstacles challenge us!

Should you be willing to go out in nature with friends or family, or to have a teambuilding with your colleagues, tree climbing and winter games at Adrenalin Park suit all ages!  

Armor yourselves accordingly and take your winter adrenalin shot!

Along with the lower outdoor temperature, adventure rates have also decreased. An adventurous discount of 25% blinks at all winter adventurers!

The cold season price list has been updated here:

Again, we support groups of minimum 10 persons, with booking, that will benefit of an additional discount of 10% during cold season.

We are also cheerleading for all pupils and students that wish to live the winter adventure on the aerial courses:  the offer for school groups is still on!  

Over more, the team building and special events organizers will discover a generous perimeter where they can stage amazing activities!