3 years of adventure at Adrenalin Park! The most beautiful adventure park of Cluj region celebrates 3 years of activity on Satrurday, the 19th of August 2017. As usual, we celebrate at maximum intensity! The day’s activities include: treasurehunt for the little ones, sports contests for juniors and kids, special offers and a season novelty:  night climb on the adventure courses!

All adventure passionates are welcome to enroll in the Adrenalin Overdose, Extreme and Adrenalin contests! Juniors of 8-12 years will compete on the Wild Cat course!  You are welcome to set new records on Adrenalin Park’s adventure courses!

For training and technicalities you can ask advice from our park monitors during 12 – 18 august 2017. They can provide more details and suggestions in order to make the moves in a correct and fluent manner.

For kids and their parents, we have prepared a treasure hunt (!). May the best find the hidden treasures in the park!

In the end, fun prizes and surprises await you! The great winner will receive the title of Adrenalin Park Champion 2017.

The terrasse and restaurant welcome you with the Special Offer of the Day: 1 access + 1 gulyas + 1 water bottle (0.5) = 60 lei

More information about registrations and contest rules are available in the rows below.  


I. For kids under 140 cm:

 Treasure Hunt – on the Marten (3) and Dragon (4) adventure courses

Start: 10:00 hours

II. For adults and juniors:

 On Adrenalin Park’s Day we pump the adrenaline with new challenges:

Break or set new speed and endurance records on the most sensational adventure courses in Adrenalin Park within 5 races:

  1. Adrenaline Overdose Race

Tree climbing on 3 adventure courses in a row (Tarantula 7, Adrenaline 10 și Extreme 13) against time.

  • It is a speed and endurance race, M/F
  • Minimum age: 18 y
  1. Extreme Race

Tree climbing on the Extreme 13 adaventure course, against time.

  • It is a speed contest, M/F
  • Minimum age: 18 y
  1. Adrenalin race

Tree climbing on the Adrenaline 10 adventure course, against time.

  • It is a speed contest, M/F
  • Minimum age: 12 y
  1. Wild Cat Race

Tree climb on the Wild Cat 5 adventure course, against time.

  • speed contest M / F
  • age range: 8 – 12 years
  1. Jacob’s Ladder

Tree climbing in teams of 2, on the Jacob ’s ladder game, against time. .

  • speed contest: M / F
  • Minimum age: 12 y


For each contest race 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize will be awarded + fun surprises!

Format: climb & go

Registrations will be done on the spot, at Adrenalin Park Reception.


Date: 19th of August 2017

Races interval: 10:00 – 18:00


Contest rules:

Admission: all tree climber guests

The conforming sport equipment is mandatory.

All race participants must announce the technical team when they are ready to start.

An assigned referee will do the timing individually.


Race evaluation points:

-the correctness of self-assurance

-the correctness of obstacle overpassing

-the total time

The results will be published at the end of the day, online, and the winners will be contacted in order to handover the prizes.





Enjoy an outstanding adventure at the light of the headlamps on the aerial courses and flying-foxes.

  • After 20.00
  • With aerial guide
  • With booking!

Price 30 lei / pers. / hour



For the adventure park’s guests (kids and adults).

Awaken your senses! Walk barefoot on a special path designed to relax, chill and activate your senses!

Discover nature’s textures and enjoy the fresh air!



For the adventure park’s guests (kids and adults).

Revive your childhood memories with a Giant Swing! Glorious sensations, huge swing!

IV. Day’s Special

1 access + 1 gulyas + 1 water bottle (0.5l) = 60 lei

Bookings and subscriptions at: 0732 040 434 or by e-amil at office@adrenalinpark.ro