4 years of adventure at Adrenalin Park! The most loved adventure park form Cluj region is celebrating 4 years of intense activity on Wednesday, August 15.  You are welcome to have fun to the max on the adventure courses and our outdoor terrace! On the agenda: our traditional tree climbing contest for adults and juniors, a fun quizz on the terrace and tasty bites served a la carte!

Tree climbing fans are much-awaited to sign-up for the Adrenalin Overdose, Extreme and Adrenaline races! Kids of 8 -12 years may compete on the Wild Cat course!  We hope to have new records in house this year!

For training and preparation you may approach our park monitors between 10 to 14 August. They are able to provide more details and suggestions on how to make correct and fluid movements.

In the end, nice prizes and surpzrizes await you all. The great winner of the contest will be awarded the title of Adrenalin Park Champion 2018!


The winner of each category will win a 10  de la fiecare categorie va putea câștiga un abonament de 10 entrances Adrenalin Park Pass!

The terrace and restaurant welcome you with our a la carte menu.


More info and details about contest rules may be found below.\



We live Adrenalin Park Day 2018 at maximum intensity and we increase our adrenaline with new challenges! New speed and endurance records on the most spectacular courses from Adrenalin Park during 4 main races:  


  1. Adrenalin Overdose Race

Tree climbing on 3 adventure courses (Tarantula 7, Adrenaline 10 și Extreme 13) against time.

– speed & endurance race, M / F

– minimum age: 18 y


  1. Extreme Race

Speed tree climbing on Extreme 13, against time.

– speed race, M / F

– minimum age: 18 y


  1. Adrenalin Race

Tree climbing on Adrenaline 10, against time.

– speed race, M / F

– minimum wage: 13 y (2 categories: < 18 y and > 18 y)


  1. Wild Cat Race

Tree climbing race on Wild Cat 5, against time.

– speed contest, M / F

– age range: 8 – 12 y


Each race will be awarded with Ist , 2nd and 3rd prize + other suprises!

Format: climb & go


Registration on the spot at the Reception Desk.

Date: August 15

Contest duration: 10:00 – 18:00


Contest rules:


  • Admission: all tree climber guests
  • The conforming sport equipment is mandatory.
  • All race participants must announce the technical team when they are ready to start.
  • An assigned referee will do the timing individually.



Race evaluation points:


-the correctness of self-assurance

-the correctness of obstacle overpassing

-the total time


The results will be published at the end of the day, online, and the winners will be contacted in order to handover the prizes.






Enjoy this well-known game! The person who gets most correct answers will win the big prize: a 10 entrance pass at Adrenalin Park!

Start Quizz: 16:00



For the adventure park’s guests (kids and adults).

Awaken your senses! Walk barefoot on a special path designed to relax, chill and activate your senses!

Discover nature’s textures and enjoy the fresh air!


Bookings and subscriptions at: 0732 040 434 or by e-amil at office@adrenalinpark.ro