Goodbye summer, fall sweeps in … including in the adventure park near Cluj – Adrenalin Park. Why do we simply love autumn outdoor adventure activities? Adrenalin Park team has many reasons for loving this season. Let’s count a few of them.

#1 In fall, temperatures are perfect for tree climbing!

Gone are the tropical days of August! Slowly, slowly temperatures drop and our guests rather warm up on the adventure courses instead of cooling off on the terrace!  They can go now on more difficult adventure courses because you don not get overheated so easily! See you on the EXTREME 13 adventure course! J

#2 Adrenalin Park changes colors along with Făget forest!

The most beautiful moment is when you cross the colorfull forest on the way to Adrenalin Park. Here, you get amazed by the trees’ crown: green, red, orange, rust color, brown, ochre, etc. You can loose yourself in these colors! When you launche yourself on the ziplines you will be spoiled!

#3 In September we count the new little adventurelings” : )

Yes, it is true! School begins again. School classes start programing their outdoor adventures. New class mates, new teachers, new friends – all gather on the adventure courses, ziplines and climbing walls. We count the little new adventurers that come for the first time at Adrenalin Park!

#4 The adventure park is more photogenic in fall!

Should you have a simple smartphone or a performant photo camera, the adventure park lures you for a photo session! From anywhere you look at the adventure park, you cannot leave without making a picture! Send us too your best shots!

#5 Teams get together for what is probably the last outdoor teambuilding of the year !

The peak of holidays season has ended. Alongside the new school year, it seems that people come back on the outdoor scenes of Cluj! Now is the right moment to organize probably the last outdoor teambuilding of the year. The offer and the team building formats of the adventure park are generous.

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