On March 31, 2018, Adrenalin Park officially opens the 2018 adventure season! Since we know that the most eager to be back on the adventure tracks are the little and joyful adventurers that enter the sping holidays, we launch the season with the traditional Treasure Hunt. The 3 kids courses welcome children under 140 cm with colorfull surprises! Good weather is announced, but warm equipment is highly recommended!

Family Activities at Adrenalin Park

Children under 140 cm are warmly welcomed to have fun and to explore the three adventure courses designed for them: Lady Bug, Marten and Dragon.

All little sisters and borthers who are not able to climb yet can have a good time at the kids playground where they can enjoy the sand, the tubes or the swings.  If they feel like drawing, making a puzzle or other children games, they have some activities to chose from.

Kids over 140 cm and pupils may adavnce on the 9 adventure courses for juniors and adults, from the easiest adventure course the Wiold Cat (5) to the hardest one Adrenaline (10).  Obviously you may all enjoy the famous flying foxes – The Hawk (11) and the Bat (12) reaching 10 m height!

Students and adults may approach all adventure courses, including the EXTREM 13 (the most difficult advebnture course in Cluj area).

Grandparents may approach the adventure courses suited for their fitness level or they may relx in the hammocks are, take photos of grandchildren and family while they climb.  

At the end of the tre climbing activity, teh entire family can have a bite and a refreshing drink on the terrace.

Good to know: FAMILY TICKETS – we remind you that families that wish to climb may buy the tickets at special rates by opting fo the Family Ticket!


Activities around the adventure park

We are happy to remind you that Făget forest and Feleac massif are an oasis of realxation and natural beauty. Should you wish to alternate activities, you may also opt for:

a walk in Făget forest and Feleac massif – from Cluj to the adventure park, from Adrenalin park to peana Peak, or just around the forest.

exploring the educational paths by following the existing signs

a biking tour

a trail run tour

exploring Nature: by observing the plants and the animals


We strive to protect Nature and  to promote an ethical behaviour

On the occasion of your visit to Adrenalin Park and surroundings, we encourage all our guests to take notice and convey an adequate behavior to the younger generation. A few aspects that we put a strong emphasizis on:  selective garbage collection, cleaning the forest, outdoor sports, learning the existing species of Făget forest and Feleac massif.

From the rural setting perpsective, Casele Micești, we invite our guests to reduce their speed between the houses, to be respectfull with all neighbours and villageois, in general.  

We also remind you that Adrenalin Park is a unique organic architecture building, being a touristical opbjectie itself.

Hoping that we will start again a wonderful adventure season, you are welcome to enjoy your time at Adrenalin Park!

Bookings and more information at office@adrenalinpark.ro