On the weekend of March 25 – 26, Adrenalin Park team officially opens the 2023 adventure season! We invite you to have fun on the adventure courses, zip lines, outdoor games and relax on the outdoor terrace in the middle of the forest!

Adrenalin Park will be open to the public every weekend with good weather for tree climbing, and on weekdays, only for groups of 10 pax. or more with booking in advance.

Adrenalin Park deschide sezonul de aventură 2023

Adrenalin Park Map

Adrenalin Park opens the 2023 adventure season with a new map, available online here: https://www.adrenalinpark.ro/en/map/

Adventure Courses

The adventure courses in Adrenalin Park are designed for all ages:

1 – Cadet (for kids < 140 cm)

2 – Lady Bug (for kids < 140 cm)

3 – Marten (for kids < 140 cm)

4 – The dragon (for kids < 140 cm)

5 – Wild Cat (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

6 – Black Panther (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

7 – Tarantula (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

8 – No Limits (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

9 – Hyperactive (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

10 – Adrenaline (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

11 – Falcon (with zip line, for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

12 – Bat (zip line, for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

13 – Extreme (for kids >140 cm, juniors and adults)

14 – Chamois (for kids < 140 cm)

15 – Squirrel (zipline for kids < 140 cm)

16 – Salamander (zipline for kids < 140 cm)

17 – Teddy Bear (baby zip line)

18 – Rabbit (baby zip line)

Workshops and outdoor games

Outdoor workshops and games are extra fun for the lovers of adventure and outdoor movement. Adrenalin Park welcomes you in 2023 with the following activities.

Individual workshops for children and adults:

– Dragon Tower

– Giant swing

– Climbing tree

– Climbing tower

– Aerial Spinner

– Archery

Workshops and team games with bookings in advance:

– Team Adventure course (min. 5 pers.)

– Jacob’s Ladder (min 2 pers. )

– Spider web (min. 5 pers.)

– Human bowling (min. 5 pers.)

Relaxation areas:

– Hammock area

– Outdoor terraces

– Children’s playground

Adrenalin Park 2023 Menu

This season, the Adrenalin Park terrace-restaurant welcomes you with a variety of dishes such as burger menus, pizza, freshly prepared dishes, salads, pasta and desserts. On weekends we serve customers a la carte, and for groups and during the week we take group menu orders at least 48 hours in advance.

Hot drinks and refreshments can be ordered on the spot.

Access to Adrenalin Park

As before, the access to Adrenalin Park can be done by personal car, minibus or coach, bicycle or hiking.

The access road is a country road, gravelly but picturesque – it goes past the astronomical observatory, the edge of the Făget forest and through the hamlet of Casele Micești.

The only route that is possible for car transport is the access route coming from the E60 via the village of Feleacu.

A small request: the crossing etiquette of the rural community of Casele Micești and around Adrenalin Park requires all tourists to travel the road at moderate speed, so as not to raise excessive dust and noise levels in the hamlet.

Excursions, birthdays and team building schedules

Spring is already the right time to organize school trips, outdoor birthdays and team building events.

Teachers in charge of School in Another Way and The Green Week are invited to contact us directly on office@adrenalinpark.ro to schedule groups.

Team-building organizers have the opportunity to bring a bit of adventure to team programmes, and we already have a solid history in this field. Since 2014 we have been successfully delivering team building programs for companies in the Cluj area and across the country.

More about the events available here: https://www.adrenalinpark.ro/en/events/


For family arrivals, groups of min. 10 pers and large groups, please use the online booking form: https://www.adrenalinpark.ro/en/booking/

Our team will get back to you in a timely manner to make your experience as pleasant as possible!