Are you looking for a funpark, an adventure park or a challenge park in the middle of nature, somewhere in Transylvania? At Adrenalin Park you have everything in one place: funpark, adventure park, challenge park, tree top park, ziplines park.  Stop for a moment and have fun! Parks for outdoorsy people are the best way to entertaion your kids, your friends and your guests!

The Fun Park in the Middle of the Forest

Adrenalin Park was designed to be a challenging fun park for climbers, adventurers and outdoor lovers in the area of Cluj-Napoca in Transylvania. You can climb in the trees, you can climb on the 7m tall walls, you can glide on the zip lines, you can swing on the giant swing or simply relax in a hammock or on the sensorial path.

Fun parks in the middle of nature, in the refreshing shadows of the forest are so rare to find! One can truly appreciate these unique sensations of freshness, thrills and clam from the first step at Adrenalin Park.

Adrenalin Park fun park from Cluj County is of organic architecture inspiration and discipline. Each building element molds in the depth of the forest. Each challenge course is following the natural line of the trees and their place on the ground.

What Does Adrenalin Park Fun Park Offer to Our Guests?

The ultimate outdoor fun park adventure in Transylvania brings you the thrills and unique sensations of heights and climbing!

  • Zip lines – for kids and adults, up to 10 m height! Enjoy the beauty of gliding between trees like a flying fox!
  • Challenge aerial courses – up in the trees, the entire family may find its dream fun park adventure! From toddler to seniors, everyone is welcome to start progression on the aerial courses! From beginner courses to extremely difficult course, you can have the outmost fun!
  • Climbing walls – on a 7 m tall outdoor tower, so that you can begin wall climbing in the middle of an outdoor fun park setting! Fresh air, sounds of Nature, cool vibes!
  • Climbing tree – mostly for kids who dream big and want to climb up to 10 m in the tree! It is literally now possible at Adrenalin Park!
  • Giant swing – maybe you miss those days where you used to swing in your grandparents yard, under a majestic tree! It is again possible to do it! In our fun park you can swing back and forth up to 5 m!
  • Sensorial path – get back in touch with the Natural world, barefoot. Feel each element and revive your senses! Kids love it and grandparents adore it! One more reason to get back to our climbing & outdoor fun park!
  • Hammocks – relax, watch the sky, listen to the birds singing, read a book or simply have a power nap!
  • Children playground – toddlers enjoy so much being outdoors that you cannot send them back in the city. After climbing, they still have a playground to play more!
  • Outdoor terrace – enjoy a fresh drink, a hot coffee or a cool beer on the outdoor terrace! Maybe a pizza to fill you up after spending one day outdoors?

What about the Surroundings of the Tree Climbing & Outdoor Fun Park?

Făget forest is a treasure of fresh air and Nature! Have a walk with your friends. Go for a hike or a bike track! Visit the small village of Casele Micești and learn more about our traditions. Spend one day outdoors and you will come back for more!

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