Winter at Adrenalin Park is an adventure by itself!  Winter sun, trees covered by snow, icy smell – all together give a special charm to Făget woods from Feleacu massif. Each season has its own beauty!  The proper clothing and equipment ensures the comfort for any outdoor activity. Adrenalin Park is an ideal location for going out with family and friends, even during winter time!  

In winter we put the armor against the cold and we move freely on the adventure courses!

Kids are so keen to go on the adventure courses during winter too because they intuitively know what adults tend to forget: life is movement! When we move, the body does its own work in an exquisite way: it warms up and it adjusts itself to the environment!

The personal equipment must be suited for the winter activities:

1 /Clothing:

Sport clothing, comfortable, breathable, that allows easy body movement on the aerial tracks:

–body layer according to age (children/ juniors / adults / seniors)

–core layer: blouse with long sleeves and / or leggings, according to each one’s thermic comfort  

–exterior protection layer against wind, snow and rain:  sport wind stopper and waterproof jacket (with hood is preferred), sport flexible, wind stopper and waterproof trousers.

–extremities protection:

  • Head protection (bonnet/buff)
  • Hands protection (winter technical gloves in order to handle carabineers and the pulley system)
  • Feet protection (sport socks, suited to the footwear height)

2/ Footwear:

Outdoor footwear, for outdoor sports or for trekking, able to meet the following requirements:


-warm and waterproof

-nonskid (non-slippery)

3/ Accessories:

It is highly recommended that you avoid wearing any accessories on the adventure courses (colliers, pendants, bracelets, long earrings – mostly for girls and ladies) for safety reasons.

4/ The safety equipment is offered by Adrenalin Park and includes:

– Climbing harness (for kids and adults) especially designed for adventure parks, adjustable, with lanyards, carabineers and auto blocking system, and a pulley system.  

– Safety helmet

Since the physical actiovity on the aerial courses is rather intense, we kindly ask you to take into consideration the fact that you will warm up quickly and you will sweat abundantly. Therefore, we recommend that you wear absorbent and breathing sportswear.

The Ingredients for a Great Experience in the Adventure Park

Adventuring on the aerial courses in winter time is as much a beautiful experience as we are mentally and physically prepared for it.

  • Wear the correct clothing and equipment!
  • Start with a positive attitude and with a smile!
  • Bring along a friend or a group of friends, or the family! You will have a tree climbing partner and you will be sharing your experiences! 🙂
  • Pay attention to all the indications on the initiation course!
  • Rest when you feel like! You are here to enjoy and relax! 🙂
  • Talk to the adventure park operators. The team is always ready to give advice and to guide you. 🙂

Hoping that all this information is useful, we invite you to spend a great winter time at Adrenalin Park!