At Adrenalin Park, we have fun and we climb during autumn days too! Moderate temperatures are ideal for outdoor activities. With the right equipment, you will warm up on the canopy courses and the zip lines. October – November 2015 allows nature and outdoor lovers to enjoy the playful colors of the forest, the scents of autumn and its specific activities: trekking, cycling, climbing, orienteering and adventure.

During each season, Adrenalin Park team strives to welcome its guests qith fresh ideas and an encouraging attitude! When we are correctly equiped, we feel comfortable outdoors, no matteer what the weather conditions are. Since for kids it is a real delight to play in the open air with friends and closer families, Adrenalin Park slowly turns into a family meeting point. We are honored to be your host and to encourage outdoor escapes with your families, friends and colleagues. In order to help you build an interesting agenda for all those involved, we are here to share our experience with you.



Here are some activities that Adrenalin Park recommends for this autumn:

Taste the adventure with your team at Adrenalin Park

Adrenalin Park_teambuilidng toamnaWhat other place is best for knowing your work colleagyes than outdoor activities that challenge all your senses? A teambuilding at Adrenalin Park increases your team’s adrenaline and puts under test its capacity to plan, communicate and identify resources within the team. Climbing trees across canopy courses and zip-lines exposes your team to new sensations! You will discover how each indvidual reacts at new and risky situations. You will overcome together your comfort zone and will discover a new universe, from the climber’s perspective. On the occasion of the games organized along the tree climbing activities you will gain new skills and will learn to learn together against bad weather.

School has started again! Haideți cu clasa la aventură!

Adrenalin Park_haideti cu clasa la aventura_4Since the 14th of September kids have returned to school. October – november is an odeal time when you can organize a trip with your class at Adrenalin Park! Kids and teenagers live an unforgettable experience in the adventure park: they discover hoew it feels to climb trees across aerial courses, they learn to maneouvre the climbing gear and to self assure correctly, they get to better know their own bodies and realise they can do so much when they leave their confort level! What’s more, class mates have the chance to make new friends and communicate in a different manner with their teachers. In short: a high impoact educational experience!


Adventure and trip in Feleacu Massif

We invite sole travellers, groups and families to discover the beauty of Feleacu massif and the protected areas near Adrenalin Park! Plan a tour acrosss the massif – by foot or by bike, with a stop for tree top climbing (!) and discover some unique natural attractions in the region:

valea caprioareiValea Căprioarei (Deer Valley) – just on the left side of the road between Feleacu and Casele Micești, the valley is a protected natural landscape area where we may find the spectacular concretions (the so-called „ living rocks”) proof of a former sea … Now and then, we can seize the elegant deers crossing the valley.

Valea Morilor (Windmill Valley) – situated on the left side of the road between Feleacu and Casele Micești, the area is a natural park with xerothermophile fields and underwoods, with a diverse flora where some rare species may be found such as: o rezervație naturală cu pajiști xerotermofile și tufărișuri, cu o floră diversificată, unde sunt întâlnite diferite specii vegetale rare, printre care: lady’s-slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus), Ever Blooming Iris (Iris ruthenica), or a specie of Polygala genus, known as common milkwort (Polygala vulgaris).

Făget of Cluj – is a protected area of national interest of 10 ha, wooded by the European beech (Fagus sylvatica) and the sessile oak (Quercus petraea), mixed with pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) and European hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), of major flora and fauna importance in Cluj county. This area may be best accessed coming from Cluj via Făget, towards the park.

Cheile Turzii (Turzii Gorges) – situated at 24 km from the adventure park, this natural park has a karst landscape of rare wilderness: high abrupt rocks, sharp ridges, rock towers, rocky gullies,screes, arcades etc. It hosts over 1.000 de plant, animals, butterflies species – some of them being rare species like the wild garlic, the rock eagle, the yew tree, tisa, the mountain ash, the white Dianthus, or the rock butterfly.

Peana Peak– at about 2,5 km from the adventure park, this is the highest point of Feleacu massif: 832 m.

Nature is so generous with us in each season. We must learn how to discover it each day!

You are welcome to spend an unforgettable autumn at Adrenalin Park!


For bookings and further details please contact us directly at or 0371 040 434.