What is an adventure without a great souvenir! If you visit this summer Adrenalin Park, take advantage of the special COMBO Offer: buy 1 Adrenalin Park adventure T-shirt and get 10 lei discount on one adventure pass!

What is exactly the COMBO Offer?

The COMBO offer of one t-shirt + one adventure pass applies to all Adrenalin Park pass categories. The exact package value per category is:

  • 1 T-shirt + 1 Kids Pass = 115 lei
  • 1 T-shirt + 1 Student Pass = 120 lei
  • 1 T-shirt + 1 Adult Pass = 125 lei

We have a wide range of sizes for kids and adults from our “Live the Adventure” collection in Romanian, Hungarian and English!

Why choose the COMBO Offer: 1 T-shirt + 1 Adventure Pass?

  • Because you will have a beautiful and lasting memory of your outing on the Adrenalin Park adventure courses!
  • To give a unique and memorable gift to your children and/or friends
  • Because you will be dressed thematically in the photos from the rope courses
  • Because you can be dressed as a team if you go out with more friends or family
  • Because you are helping us promote the adventure further by wearing the T-shirt on other nature outings!

When to offer the T-shirt + adventure pass, COMBO Offer?

A T-shirt from our “Live the Adventure!” collection and an Adrenalin Park pass can be gifted as follows:

  • For a birthday
  • For a special achievement by a work or club colleague
  • For a special occasion
  • As a symbolic award for students, athletes, colleagues

How Can I buy the COMBO Offer?

  • Directly at the Adrenalin Park reception
  • Or, only on request, via e-mail office@adrenalinpark.ro

We look forward to welcoming you! The adventure goes on! Celebrate with us 10 years of adventure in Cluj!