Adventure in the middle of Nature. Sensorial Path. Plogging. Hiking. Cycling.

These are the activities that Adrenalin Park team proposes for Earth Day on the 22nd of April 2018. Naturally, the entire weekend from April 20 to April 22 is dedicated to this important day when we celebrate our planet, our home.

Adventure in the middle of nature.

On Earth Day we invite children, parents, grandparents  to treeclimbing on the adventure courses designed for them! 3 adventure course for kids <140 cm, 9 adventure courses for juniors and adults, 1 extreme course for adults! For teams of minimum 6 persons, there is the original Team Adventure course!

Launch of the Sensorial Path.

When was the last time you walked  barefoot on sand, rocks, moss, tree bark or grass? Reconnect with nature on Earthg Day and walk bare foot on the new sensorial path. You will revive you senses and relive emotions from your childhood.

 Invitation to plogging.

On Earth Day we invite you to clșean the forrest  vof plastic, glass, paper or metal grabages in a pleasant way: whil on the road to or back from the adventure park you are welcome to do some plogging (jog and collect garbages from the surroundings). The garbage bags may be collected at Adrenalin Park’s garbage container.

Special treatment for hikers and bikers

As usual, on Earth Day we appreciate hikers and bikers day of not polluting the air and the environement  and we provide a 10% discount on their adventure pass.  

Let’s enjoy Planet Earth and let’s educate children for loving the outdoors and the Nature! We dearly welcome you at Adrenalin Park. Bookings at or 0732 040 434.