The new school year 2020/2021 has already started, and classes are held both offline and online. Now we may appreciate more how good it was to run in the schoolyard! Outdoor activities boost our energy level, gets the muscles toned and give everyone a push to learn. That is why, Adrenalin Park team proposes daily adventures, in the afternoon, with kids and their friends in Făget forest, at the adventure park near Cluj! It is close, it is in the open air, it is spacious and has outdoor activities for all ages.

What outdoor activities you may find at Adrenalin Park after the school schedule?

During weekdays, Adrenalin Park is open starting with 12:00 until 19:00 o’clock. School kids may join the following activities:

  • Climbing on the tree adventure courses
  • Artificial wall outdoor climbing
  • Tree climbing
  • Flying-fox courses
  • Toddler adventure courses (under 140 cm)
  • The Giant Swing

Who can accompany kids to Adrenalin Park activities?

  • For toddlers and small kids (between 110 – 140 cm) it is recommended that the accompanying person be someone close to the chilkd: grandma, grandpa, auntie, oncle, mother or father. An adult will usually accompany one, two or maximum three children.


  • For kids (over 140 cm) and juniors, close friends and neighbours can assist as well. The key thing is that the person can communicate and coordinate the kids group at ease. In such case, an adult can accompany 6 or up to 10 kids / juniors.


  • School classes will be accompanied by the teacher, according to the law.


What can school groups do at Adrenalin Park?

Should parents and teachers want to organize reunions in smaller groups, in order to facilitate refinding each other after the summer holidays, they will find at Adrenalin Park a safe and friendly environment.

Primary and secondary schools are welcome.

The standard program is of 2 hours of adventure, after which a pizza can be served on the terrace.

Advantages of outdoor actiovities at Adrenalin Park

In the current context, outdoor activities at Adrenalin Park – the adventure park near Cluj, bring the following advantages:

  • Healthy environment, for kids and families
  • Maximum exposure to fresh and clean air, as an outdoor setting
  • Generous space that provides safe distancing
  • Freedom to move outside, in the middle of the Nature
  • The possibility to have an outdoor meal
  • It is a not circulated area, far away from the pedestrian and car traffic
  • The possibility to schedule all activities
  • Gaining new skills and knowledge

Hoping that a harmonius development of your kids and close families is a priority, we invite you to join Adrenalin Park activities.

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