Leisure time, Cluj, adventure, nature! – all together at Adrenalin Park, probably the most beloved adventure park near Cluj, or at least that is what kids and adults of all ages tell us! When you have free time and you are in Cluj or its surroundings and feel like having a new adventure in the great outdoors, in just about 30 minutes you can reach Făget forest and the adventure park! Tree climbing courses, flying foxes at 10 m height, kids adventure courses, extreme adventure course for grownups, tasty food on the terrace and lost of good vibes – this is what you will find here!

How do we spend leisure time when in Cluj?

Sometimes we de our house and garden work, other times we do sport or launch ourselves into cultural and creative activities, we explore nature or we simply relax. But what if we can combine them? And whatțs more, what if we can committ to activities that are enjoyable for  both friends and families?

Leisure time at Adrenalin Park is extremely diverse and suitable for all ages. Since our guests are ages from 1 month to 99 years, we have adjusted to all requests! J

Leisure time in an ultra-relaxing way, for physical rest and mental pause from the daily routine means arriving at the adventure park, in the middle  of the forrest, feeling the Nature’s falvors, listening the birds singing or observing the climbers in the trees.  You may read a book, have a coffee or a refreshing drink and eat lunch or dinner. Meanwhile, kids may climb on the adventure courses or may have fun in the playground.  

Leisure time in an active way,  equals a tree climbing session on the light and medium difficulty adventur courses and the flying foxes, baked up by a walk around the park! You may also improove your photography skills: discover the beauty of adventure photography, outdoor portraits, landscape photography and wild life photography.

Leisure time in a hyper-active way, with extra adrenaline input means going on the toughest adventure courses in Adrenalin Park, including the famous EXTREME 13 course! If you exceed in energy you can approach all the adventure courses from an endurance and speed  perspective and we guarantee that at the end of it you will be more than happy with your own performance! ; )

According to your available free time, you may opt for a bike tour to and from Adrenalin Park, or for a nice hike through Feleacu massif.  

For groups there are special programmes, in team-building style: team games circuit and the  Team Adventure course – which is the only fix team work oriented adventure course in the area!

For pupil and student groups we prepared special programmes adapated to their age! Leisure time spent with classmates and college collegues become more spectacular, while the bonds created during the activity are stronger and more lasting. You will understand why!

In brief, leisure time in Cluj may become the best outdoor adventure, but also an incursion in the adventure of personal development and the surpassing of its own limits!  

Live the adventure! Bookings at office@adrenalinpark.ro. Open daily.