Adrenalin Park invites you to discover new and diverse sensations, an intense adventure and the pleasure of reencountering with Nature!  The first adventure park from Cluj is a place where you may taste the thrill in a safe manner. Similarly to the big adventure parks from across Europe, Adrenalin Park emphasized the development of such aerial courses that will respond to the needs of both beginner adventurers and of those individuals who possess previous training for overcoming aerial obstacles across the adventure courses. 

Adrenalin Park is the ideal location where you can create a unique experience for your loved ones, your colleagues, your partners and customers. The 12 adventure courses are as follows: 10 aerial rope courses and 2 flying fox courses. In order to delight the little ones and to promote family outdoor activities , 3 out of 10 aerial courses are exclusively designed for kids.  

The adventure park facilitates the design and implementation of the following activities:

  • Team Building: By design, Adrenalin Park may host up to 100 persons simultaneously.  Should you have a 10 persons group or a larger 400 group, the location allows the design of exceptional outdoor events where each of us will feel challenged and involved.


  • Private parties: Birthdaysare special moments for each person that deserves special attention. In Adrenalin Park you may party in a fantastic manner with your family and friends: challenging courses, joyful moments accompanied by tasty food in the barbecue and grill area.  


  • Corporate parties: Imagine a full day or half day event in the open air, in the middle of the forest and of fairytale scenery! Your guests may be organized in teams and distributed across the adventure courses so that evry one can taste the adrenalin! In addition, we may organize outdoor games, and the contests may become the delight of the event. A special grill may be served to your guests.


  • Parties for kids: Build a fantastic event for your kids and let them taste the adventure! Children spread great energy when they are involved in outdoor activities. The several aerial courses for kids will be fun, engaging and challenging. Starting with toddlers of 4 year old and up to eraly teenagers, kids will enjoy these fun activities in the adventure park.

Adrenalin Park aims atpromoting leisure activities  in the middle of Nature, together with families and friends. For that purpose, special packages for families and groups larger than 10 persons have been designed so that they facilitate their presence in the park.

You are welcome to visit us in the nearest future and to involve us in designing and hosting those special moments for you and your loved ones!