The  “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” program in Cluj will be rolled out according to the official timeline presented by the Ministry of National Education. For a good preparation of the “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” program in Cluj, Adrenalin Park team welcomes teachers responsible of the extracurricular activities with well contoured frameworks. About 50 schools and institutions work constantly with Adrenalin Park in order to implement “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” program in Cluj.

What we offer for “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” program in Cluj?

  • Tree climbing aerial courses for kids and juniors
  • Fun on the ziplines for all ages
  • Climbing on artificial outdoor wall
  • Climbing on an actual tree
  • Sensorial Path
  • Giant swing
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • The Team Adventure course
  • Discovery of the organic architetcure at Adrenalin Park
  • An outdoor lunch with the classmates


What advanatges does the “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” program bring to Cluj schools who organize their outdoor trip at Adrenalin Park?

One of Adrenalin Park’s focus is to offer a pleasant experience to all classes that attend adventure activities through “School in a Different Way 2019 – 2020”. The main advantages of setting a class trip to our adventure park in Cluj are:

  • A unique and catchy activity for students, resulting in new skills and a high level of confidentiality;
  • All activities are outdoor, in the middle of the Faget Forest;
  • Support for the actual organizations of the trip (transport information, customized formats, outdoor lunch, etc.);
  • All activities are delivered in multiple languages – Romanian, Hungarian, English and German or French;
  • The prompt document release for each group (Waiver & Statement of Responsibility, contracts with schools, prompt invoicing, etc.);
  • Activity documentation with group photos, in accordance with GDPR rules;
  • School groups discounts (minimum 10%, according to the number of participants).
  • For over 50 students, or 100 students – the volume discount may be of 15%, or 20%.
  • Group coordinators have free access. (1 adult is recommended for each 10 kids)

WE are here to support teachers in organizing the school trip during “School in A Different Way 2019 – 2020” and we thank you for the initiative and the involvement.

For more details, please contact us directly!

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