In attention of the teachers responsible of school trips and activities during the “Schoold in A Different Way 2019” / „Școala altfel 2019”: Since spring is here, Adrenalin Park invites primary and secondary schools to have fun outdoors on the adventure courses! Adventure activities include tree climbing, zip lines, team games (for high school) and learning about Nature. 

Founded in 2014, the adventure park near Cluj, neighboring Casele Micești (Feleacu commune) hosted each year school groups and educational activities.

More than 50 education units constantly cooperate with Adrenalin Park for the „Școala altfel” / “School in A different Way” program and for learning and sport activities.

The “SCHOOL ADVENTURE!” Program (2019)

The “School Adventure” program combines sport activities with educational activities for the balanced development of the kids as individuals and as a team member.

In order to help  „School in A Different Way” trips and excursions we welcome you with a special offer including friendly prices for pupils and students, plus a school group discount of 10%. 

  • Group coordinators enter for free.
  • 1 grownup supervisor is indicated for 10 kids.
  • Groups with over 50 students, or 100 students – benefit of a volume discount of 15%, or 20%.


  • To independently progress on the adventure courses
  • Technical maneuvers for overcoming obstacles on the aerial courses
  • How to handle carabineers and pulleys
  • New skills (to keep balance while moving, to change the weight center while being on mobile elements, how to approach technical obstacles, etc.)
  • How to communicate and organize in a team
  • About the fauna and flora in Feleac massif
  • About the organic architecture

We are here for the teachers to help them organize the school trips and activities and we thank you all for your involvement and intiative!  

For more details we encourage you to call and write us directly!

Bookings at 0744179120 / 0732 040 434 and