The scouts’ (pioneers’) adventure from the Local Unit of Romanian Scouts from Cluj-Napoca started right in the middle of the adventure park from Cluj county, Adrenalin Park, in the Faget Forrest. The 4th of October marked the pioneer scouts’ calendar of the local unit with the opening of the Scouting Year. A thrilling walk up to Adrenalin Park proves the spirit for adventure and the courage of these youngsters.

Because Adrenalin Park is a place where new stories are born, here you may read their view on their journey towards and in the adventure park:

“A cloudy Saturday morning may ruin many others’ plans but not those of Scouts Cluj, who have previously planned to spend a day at Adrenalin Park, an adventure park near the city.

We met at “the end of 35 bus line” and we started walking up the Eugen Ionesco street, towards Făget. Not after long the eternal questions started to be arise: “How much do we still have to walk?” or “How many kilometers have we done by now?”, but this probably because we have’nt been out with the scouts troups more than a month, this being our first meeting in the new Scout Year.

We had our first break at “la hintă”. Here we played a knowledge game where we exchanged personalities. This is how we got stuck with 5 or 6 pioneers called Daria, whose favorite character was Violetta and who want to become ballerinas.

Scouts at Adrenalin Park 3

We followed more or less the red line in the forest and we finally arrived at Casele Micești where Adrenalin Park is located. We got equipped and we headed towards the initiation course. Here we listened impatiently the instructions and that was the moment the adventure begun! We climbed, we rocked, we kept balance or not (!). When the laws of physics were stronger than our muscles or our patience, we used the pulley to transform any course in a strange flying-fox. Some of us did multiple adventure courses, others fewer; some of us tried the hard ones, some the easier, but we all did enjoy this experience.

For Basti and Luca, two of the pioneers, the time was there to step up to the next scout stage. After an impressive moment, where the two shared their favorite scout experience, we said good-bye and we let the Alpinists to lead them to the Fortress, the place where they were supposed to meet the Explorers. The rest of us, we said good bye to Adrenalin Park and we headed back to Cluj. At the edge of the forest, we tpook another stop because the Leaders have prepared yet another surprise: Mihai made his Pioneer Scout promise. Welcome Mihai in the Scouts’ big family!


Scouts at Adrenalin Park

Afterwards we split in squads. It was hard at the beginning, but then each of us found its place. We chose a squad name, a squad cries and we set the roles in the squads.  We are prepared and we are looking for a Scout Year full of adventure! ”



Adrenalin Park team was honored by the scouts’ choice to start the Scout Year in the adventure park. The joyful cries, the smiles and the red cheeks of the entire unit betrayed the energy they had invested in this experience.The intensity whith which the 30 pioneer scouts have put in achieving the adventure courses and in learninmg the tree climbing techniques have really impressed us.  

Dear scouts, you are welcome to new adventures in Adrenalin park and we attach our motto to your motto:  

Be prepared. Live the adventure!