The advaneture park from Cluj, Adrenalin Park will be one of the newest active leisure destinations of the region in 2015. The adventure park’s booking calendar for 2015 has begun to be filled already. The 12 aerial courses that the adventure park offers to the public in 2014. Have become a real attraction of Cluj for thos who love nature, sports and challenge. The programs initiated by the adventure park together with the educational public and private institutions and the associations from the county that promote education through sport and movement are very engaging and useful.  

Adventure parks are still a novel concept on the active leisure romanian market. One must know that an adventure park with aerial courses may be an ideal location for the relaxation of the entire family. A professional adventure park will always consider the distribution of the courses by age and difficulty levels, so that a wider public may discover the pleasure of tree climbing.  

Designed as an adventure park at European standards, Adrenalin Park is currently the most complex adventure park in Cluj county. Opened in the 15th of August 2014, this specific adventure park welcomes the public with 12 aerial tree climbing courses: 3 adventure courses for kids, 1 initiation adventure course for adults, 6 adventure courses for adults and 2 spectacular flying-foxes.  

By its’ location, this adventure park presents itself to the tourist travelling by Cluj and to the residents as an active leisure destination, easily accessible by car, by bycicle or a longer walk. In 2015, the advanture park’s team announces the season opening around March, when Spring sets in.

We inform those who have an already well planned agenda for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2015 taht bookings can be done at the published phonenumbers. The adventure park from Cluj encourages making your bookings in time since a better time planning leads to a more pleasurable experience of the organizers and their guests.  

From 2014 seasons’s experience we noticed the tendency of active sports people to make a sort of cyclcing- tree climbing-cylcing circuit. Therefore, an active morning or afternoon may include a cycling tour up to the advneture park, followed by an intense 2 hour tree climbing session and closed with a ride back to the city or another starting point. This formula gives you the benefits of combined biking styles (on and off road), and of tree climbing as well: muscles and joints tonificationton, dimisningh colesterol levels, increasing the lungs ventiualation capacity, regulation of the arterial tension, increasing the capacity of body coordination and the reaction speed.

Aside a cultural and leisure city-tour in Cluj-Napoca and surroundings, the option of having a climbing session in Adrenalin Park becomes a very attractive alternative for keeping yourself in maximum shape.