Adrenalin Park, the adventure park from Cluj, has actively supported the 3rd edition of Oradea Companies’ Cross 2014 (Crosul Companiilor Oradea 2014). In partnership with the sports club  Runners Club, Adrenalin Park promotes a healthy lifestyle and a sportsmanship attitude.  Via Crosul Companiilor Oradea, both Adrenalin Park and Runners Club aim at encouraging outdoor running, teamspirit and  collegiality.

Adrenalin Park adventure park and Runners Club sports club: two organizations that bring back movement in people’s daily routine

In order to complete Runners Club’s initiative – that wishes “to proove with its’ runners performances that outdoor activities and running is accessible to nearly anybody, even to those that spend more than 8 hours at their work place. Physical activity is the break that we give to our body and mind after a hectic day” – the adventure park from Cluj, Adrenalin Park proposes a location where the body may be trained for complex moevements that demand all muscle groups.  

We have joined Runners Club project in Oradea too, because the adventure park is a toursitical destination for adventure lovers. Runners Club wished not only to encourage runners to discover their own potential, but also to invite the participants to explore the wider region and to seek new experiences such as the one in the adventure park from Cluj, Adrenalin Park.

The passes for the adventuyre park from Cluj: a prize shaped as a unique experience

Since we know that any idea must be sustained by facts, Adrenalin Park awarded the winners of individual and team competitions with free passes in the adventure park. The winners that visited the adventure park from Cluj were thrilled by this experience.

For the inhabitants of Oradea, Cluj may know be tasted from a sports perspective:  a running training combined with a climbing training on aerial rope courses at Adrenalin Park. The road to the adventure park may be aproached as a short trip or as a training sessionm, depending on your starting point: should you arrive from Oradea, you may include the training session with Runners Club and with adrenalin Park as part of a trip to Cluj-Napoca; staying in Cluj-Napoca allows you to treach the adventure park by car, by motorbike, by bike or by foot, as a simple walk.

Adventure at Crosul Companiilor Oradea

The team from the Cluj adventure park  has understood that Crosul Companiilor Oradea race is an adventure by itself. The runners choose a training programme that will allow them to finish the run in the recommended time and they will learn what team running means: how to distribute the energy across the run, how to adjust to the team’s rythm, the cohesion and the perseverance of being part of the team. The satisfaction of reaching the finish and that of reaching a certain peformance during the race are priceless.

The moments form the running race are the ones that remain alive in the runners’ minds. In time, these moments add up and make our lifes more beautiful and give us a sense of fullfillment. Adrenalin Park wished to complete this experience with a memorable prize: climbing the aerial rope courses in the adventure park.

Along with all the participants who joined the race, Adrenalin Park team adheres to an active lifestyle and proposes a context suitable for intense outdoor activities. As a completion of the training programme, we invite all the runners from the region to test the aerial courses of the adventure park.

Live the adventure!