vizita MADR la AP_1Friday, the 24th of July 2015, The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Mr. Daniel Constantin, has made a short visit at Adrenalin Park, a specific project of „Set up of an adventure park and public restaurant” fiannced through Measure 313 Encouragement of tourism activities” under Axis 3 – Enhancing the quality of life in rural areas and promoting diversification of economic activities”.

As part of the PNDR 2020 Caravan, the visit in Cluj County of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Mr. Daniel Constantin, of the State Secretary – Mr. George Turtoi and the official delegation organised on the occasion, fosters the direct dialogue with the beneficiaries of the European Funds. Being the first visit on the 24th of July’s agenda, the official delegation has beeen impressed by the fresh morning air in the middle of the forrest and the friendly atmopshere of the touristical chalet.

vizita MADR la AP_2Adrenalin Park stands for a good practice of investment example having a total investment value of 435.926,00 Euro (without VAT) of which the public financing amounts up to 197.711,00 Euro. The specific objectives of Measure 313 through which the adventure park from Cluj has been financed are: creation and maintenance of jobs through tourism activities; increasing the added value of tourism activities; creation, improvement and diversification of touristic infrastructure and services and last but not least increasing the number of tourists and their visits.

The aerial courses form a complex obstacle games systems suited for the development of agility, technical and sports skills, having as a main element the safety system. The obstacles and the exercises in the adventure park grow in complexity and difficulty, course by course, emphasizing the development of body coordination. The games and obstacles on each course turn the overall activity in a challenging and energizing experience.

In the case of kids’ courses the adventure park designers veiled at installing the adventure games in such a way that any parent can easily and safely follow and help their children. With multiple difficulty degrees, kids of multiple age categories can successfully finish each adventure course. Due to the installations and for safety reasons, these aerial courses can be used by children of minimum 3 years old and a maximum height of 140 cm.

From the rural development perspective, Adrenalin Park aims at becoming a tourist attraction that will contribute at the attractiveness’ growth of rural space.

We thank the representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Romania, of the General Directorate for Rural Development in Romania, of the Funding Agency for Rural Investment in Romania and of National Network for Rural Development in Romania for their visit at Adrenalin Park!

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