Family matters to Adrenalin Park Team, the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca. Families that go together outdoors, do sport together and attent various cultural activities with the closed ones are happier and grow in good harmony.  Since its foundation, the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca was promoted and organized as a family destination. Family Day will take place on the 15th of May 2019 and we have thought to give it the proper importance.  

7 Reasons to spend Family Day (and not only!) at Adrenalin Park

#1 – Tree climbing on the suspended aerial courses and sliding on the zip-lines will bring family members closer. Each individual will discover new limits and will learn to overpass various obstacles! Life changes from one moment to another and you will discover together the taste for adventure and the unknown!

#2 – The dose of fresh air in the middle of the forrest, the pleasant colors and the positive energy from the adventure park will change your state of spirit! You will get back your psychological and emotional balance and refind pleasure in your daily routine.

#3 – Laughter and smiles are contagious and bring along happiness and wellbeing! Our guests start taking on the good vibes since the initiation course! 

#4 – Movement is the secret of health. Attending a family adventure session at Adrenalin Park you make sure that you all get your daily movement dose: all muscle categories and all senses are trained during the tree climbing session!

#5 – Relaxation after climbing reinstalls the wellbeing sensation in your body!  Kids are invited to admire surrounding Nature from the hammocks or on the Adrenalin park terrace.

#6 – Changing the daily environment activates our brain and stimulates our mental activity.  Whenever you feel the need to escape the urban noise or the daily routine, you are welcome in the middle of Făget forrest!

#7 – Strengthening people relationships occurs much better in the open air where evryone feels free.   One of these type of environments is Adrenalin Park.


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