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2023 Spring Holidays at Adrenalin Park, Cluj

2023 soring holidasy at Adrenalin Park, Cluj will again be a lot of fun for the little ones! But of course it depends on the weather. Spring break for school kids in Romania includes the Easter holidays. It is set to include both Catholic and Orthodox Easter. So pupils will be on holiday until 18 April. During this period, Adrenalin Park invites parents to organize outings to Adrenalin Park for their pupils, in groups, with an adult supervisor. Some ideas for organizing spring break at Adrenalin Park, Cluj: Organize the kids in a small spring holiday group The group can be formed based on proximity (block or neighborhood neighbors), on affinity (friends from school or extracurricular activities) or on other criteria that you like! 2023 Spring Holidays at Adrenalin Park Cluj will definitely gather some interesting profiles! Designate an adult to supervise the group We know that parents [...]

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Outdoor Team Building near Cluj-Napoca!

In 2023, Adrenalin Park invites teams of all ages to experience an outdoor team building on the adventure courses, zip lines and team circuit in the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca! An outdoor team building, close to Cluj-Napoca, has multiple benefits for the team and is one of the healthiest ways to interact with your colleagues! Here are some of the team building programs available at Adrenalin Park in 2023. Outdoor Team Building near Cluj-Napoca – Various Formats Since the opening of Adrenalin Park in 2014, our team has been organizing team building activities for companies in Cluj and beyond. We are proud of several tens of thousands of guests who have entered the adventure park and left happier, more confident and more open to learn new things. Together with our colleagues who come from diverse backgrounds - physical education and sports, geography, biology, communication and media – all [...]

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Adrenalin Park Opens The 2023 Adventure Season

On the weekend of March 25 - 26, Adrenalin Park team officially opens the 2023 adventure season! We invite you to have fun on the adventure courses, zip lines, outdoor games and relax on the outdoor terrace in the middle of the forest! Adrenalin Park will be open to the public every weekend with good weather for tree climbing, and on weekdays, only for groups of 10 pax. or more with booking in advance. Adrenalin Park Map Adrenalin Park opens the 2023 adventure season with a new map, available online here: Adventure Courses The adventure courses in Adrenalin Park are designed for all ages: 1 - Cadet (for kids < 140 cm) 2 – Lady Bug (for kids < 140 cm) 3 - Marten (for kids < 140 cm) 4 - The dragon (for kids < 140 cm) 5 - Wild Cat (for kids >140 cm, juniors [...]

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The Perfect Gift In 2023: An Adventure Pass at Adrenalin Park

Are you from the Cluj area, and you are thinking about making a birthday gift in January - February 2023? Or, maybe you simply want to start the New Year by giving a special experience to your loved ones? The right gift for all ages is an adventure pass at Adrenalin Park, in the Făget forest, Casele Micești, right near Cluj-Napoca! What is it and how can I gift an Adrenalin Park Adventure Pass? The Adventure Pass is actually the access to the Adrenalin Park Adventure Park that can be configured based on the list of adventure services for toddlers, students, seniors and adults or for the entire family. It will allow people access to all the aerial obstacle courses and zip lines in Adrenalin Park. In the classic version, you can purchase the adventure session Kids Adventure Pass - 55 lei Junior / Student Adventure Pass - [...]

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Gifts to put under the Christmas tree in 2022

This year put an unforgettable experience under the Christmas tree at Adrenalin Park! We know the gift-giving season is full of offers and gift ideas for your loved ones. From time to time, it is good to look beyond material items for ideas and seek to provide experiences that your loved ones will remember for a lifetime! Thus, Adrenalin Park offers adventure sessions on aerial courses with obstacles, zip lines and many outdoor games! Whether you offer them to friends, family or employees, relaxing and moving outdoors at Adrenalin Park near Cluj will always be appreciated! Adventure gifts can be purchased until 31 December as follows: Kids Adventure Pass - 50 lei Junior / Student Adventure Pass - 55 lei Standard Adventure Pass - 60 lei Family Adventure Pass - 170 lei Passes are available in hardback or electronic format and are valid for one year. If you [...]

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World Education Day 2022 at Adrenalin Park │October 5

World Education Day is celebrated annually on October 5! Of course, this year too, Adrenalin Park invites you all to celebrate this special day together! The aim of World Education Day is to raise awareness on the role played by teachers around the world. Teachers and educators dedicate their lives to making an impact on how children learn, grow and develop into adults. Adrenalin Park team that runs the outdoor activities, summer camps and summer programs also enjoys the presence of valuable teachers from the educational environment of Cluj. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them enormously for their collaboration over the years and we would like to enjoy this remarkable day with the community! How do we celebrate Education Day in Cluj? Cluj-Napoca is one of the cities with a high reputation for its educational institutions. What we should note though, is that education [...]

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Back to school. Back to Adventure! September 2022

At Adrenalin Park we are learning by doing. We climb trees, we glide on the zip lines, we overcome obstacles, and we walk in the forest and observe plants, animals and birds. During September 2022, on the beginning of a new school year, we invite new formed classes or already consolidates class groups to enjoy the adventure courses in our adventure park, in Felacu, near Casele Micești.  The “Back to school. Back to adventure!” program is designed for the students in primary school (classes of I to IV) and students in secondary school (classes ranging from V to XII in the Romanian Education System). Of course, kindergartens are also welcome in the program. Rejoice on the Adventure Courses at Adrenalin ParkFor an amazing school year start, it is useful to create a context where classmates can better know each other and interact in an informal way. An activity such as tree [...]

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Kids Outdoor Activities Near Cluj

The new school year 2020/2021 has already started, and classes are held both offline and online. Now we may appreciate more how good it was to run in the schoolyard! Outdoor activities boost our energy level, gets the muscles toned and give everyone a push to learn. That is why, Adrenalin Park team proposes daily adventures, in the afternoon, with kids and their friends in Făget forest, at the adventure park near Cluj! It is close, it is in the open air, it is spacious and has outdoor activities for all ages. […]

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Adrenalin Park Re-opens Under Special Conditions

The adventure park near Cluj, Adrenalin Park, reopens its gates for  adventure and nature lovers. Due to the context created by the novel coronavirus – Covid-19, the reopening will be done gradually, under a special regime, according to the current sanitary provisions. Adventure activities are recommended for individual practice, for families or micro-groups, with booking in advance. […]

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Temporary Closure of The Adventure Park / Spring 2020

Dear Friends and Guests of our adventure park, The 2020 spring adventure schedule of our Adrenalin Park from Feleac, Casele Micesti is temporarily off. This decision has been made in order to assure everyone’s safety and health, and to support the measures taken at national level to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Romania. […]

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