On June 1st we celebrate Children’s Day at Adrenalin Park, Cluj! It’s a time to celebrate the innocence and pure joy of the most beautiful age. Since at Adrenalin Park everyone finds their childlike self, we are waiting for you on the tree adventure courses and zip lines! In order to avoid crowds in the adventure park, we invite you to schedule your themed outing on Children’s Day in advance, and on various days in June too. After all, June is both Cherry Month and Children’s Month!

How can you celebrate Children’s Day at Adrenalin Park?

If you are a school or kindergarten group, we invite you to organize a class trip to Adrenalin Park. Children will discover tree climbing, zip lines, adventure games and a wonderful place in the middle of the forest. At the end, we invite you to have lunch on one of the three terraces available at Adrenalin Park. The school group offer is valid for the entire 2024 season, please write us for full details!

If you’re a group of friends, neighbours or colleagues who have decided to do something different for your little ones this Children’s Day, we invite you to take an easy outing to our adventure park. The kids will have a great time having fun on the tree climbing courses, and parents can chat over coffee, juice or lemonade on the patio. If they want to rediscover their childlike spirit too, we’ll get them ready for adventure and point out the dedicated adventure courses.

If you are a local company or group of companies who would like to offer their employees a day out for their children, we invite you to write to us and let’s get the organisation started. Of course you can’t organise every event on June 1st, but June has many days! Write us directly on office@adrenalinpark.ro

As an inspiration, here you have a few ideas for the Children’s Day theme

  • Adventure day
  • Adventure week
  • Adventure party
  • Heroes on an adventure! (you decide shich heroes!)

If you are away from family and close friends, but still want to give them a unique surprise, we invite you to purchase an original gift: a Kids Adventure Pass and possibly an Adrenalin Park themed t-shirt. Orders can be received online via the order form on the homepage or directly via office@adrenalinpark.ro

How do you mark the moment at Adrenalin Park?

To remain with an unforgettable memory of Adrenalin Park, we recommend:

  • Buy a themed gift: the Adrenalin Park T-shirt for the little ones
  • Take photos on the adventure courses and at the outdoor photo frame in the park
  • If it’s a festive time, have a meal with family or friends at Adrenalin Park!
  • After the event, send a photo album to all participants
  • If it’s a school outing, suggest an essay/composition about the Adrenalin Park experience as a theme! Here we can even help you with the publication of the most appreciated compositions.

 Bookings and reservations for Children’s Day outings at Adrenalin Park

For a good organization and to secure your place in advance, both for the adventure session and for the meal, please make a reservation online here: https://www.adrenalinpark.ro/en/booking/

We can’t wait to see the smiles of the little adventurers during our 10th season of adventure at Adrenalin Park! Long live adventure! Long live the age of innocence!