In 2023, Adrenalin Park invites teams of all ages to experience an outdoor team building on the adventure courses, zip lines and team circuit in the adventure park near Cluj-Napoca! An outdoor team building, close to Cluj-Napoca, has multiple benefits for the team and is one of the healthiest ways to interact with your colleagues! Here are some of the team building programs available at Adrenalin Park in 2023.

Outdoor Team Building near Cluj-Napoca – Various Formats

Since the opening of Adrenalin Park in 2014, our team has been organizing team building activities for companies in Cluj and beyond. We are proud of several tens of thousands of guests who have entered the adventure park and left happier, more confident and more open to learn new things. Together with our colleagues who come from diverse backgrounds – physical education and sports, geography, biology, communication and media – all guests at the organized team events push their limits, gain confidence in the team and discover the forest in a new way! Give your team a unique experience by choosing one of the programmes below.

Adventure Experience

An outdoor team building program near Cluj-Napoca, which includes only 2 hours of physical activity and is accessible to everyone. The adventure courses with osbtacles and ziplines will be covered progressively, depending on the skills of each participant.

  • Of course, each organizer must also take into consideration the time for arrival, equipping and initiation, respectively un-equipping.
  • Usually, after the 2 hours of adventure, a team meal is served, on the outdoor terrace.

Ask for more details at or book directly via the booking form.

Team Adventure

This is the 3 hours programme and it includes both the aerial courses, ziplines and the team adventure course. It is a unique experience, the adventure course being unique in the region.

In this case too, your agenda must include the times for arrival, equipping, initiation and un-equipping.

  • Lunch or dinner can be served after the activity, on one of the outdoor terraces at Adrenalin Park.

You are welcome to ask for more detail at or to book directly via the booking form.  

Adventure Day

This is the 6 hours outdoor team building, rolled either continuously, or in two 2 hours separate sessions. Adventure Day  is the most popular team building format, near Cluj-Napoca! For 2 hours participants progress on the aerial courses and ziplines. In the next 2 hours, the participants will have to make the team circuit with various outdoor workshops, according to the size of the teams.

  • A format allows you to spend half day together with your colleagues and business partners. The pace of the programme can be set according to the goal of the team building and in tight collaboration with the organizer from the client side.
  • The meal can be served either during the break, either at the end of the entire programme. Both lunch and dinner can be served. Sometimes team request breakfast too – which we can also provide.

You are welcome to ask for more detail at or to book directly via the booking form.  

Adventure Max

This is basically a one-day program in the middle of nature, full of adventure, fun and good times! Adventure Max brings adventure to the fullest level in the team, for 6 effective hours! Of course, the 3 hour morning session is more exhilarating, and the 3 hour afternoon session is more physically relaxing, but just as mentally exhilarating!

We usually start the day with team formation and game instruction. Then we start the adventure!

At the end of the day, before dinner, the team awards ceremony takes place. This is the most awaited moment, as the scores achieved by the teams will be announced.

  • During the day all the adventure courses, ziplines and the large team game circuit will be covered.
  • The menu may include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Of course at the end of the day we can organize a small bohemian party, outdoors on the outdoor terrace.

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Why Have An Outdoor Teambuilding, near Cluj-Napoca?

There are several reasons why it is worth organizing an adventure team building at Adrenalin Park, near Casele Micești, Feleacu.

  • The relatively short distance from the city of Cluj-Napoca allows team building organizers to schedule the event even during the week. From a logistical point of view, guests only need to organize transport: their own car, minibuses, coaches or even taxis. Otherwise, activities, equipment, hot food and drinks – all provided and organized by Adrenalin Park.
  • The versatility of Adrenalin Park’s team building programmes allows for the organization of spectacular outings both for small teams, of 5 people for example, and for large groups, of up to 200 people for example, which will be divided into smaller teams during the activities.
  • Confidence building between team members occurs when they step out of their comfort zone and have to work together to solve different situations on the team circuit. The Adrenalin Park adventure park near Cluj-napoca is the ideal place where any team can expand its comfort zone.
  • Improved communication takes place by involving the team in situations that require new terminology, new approaches and different ways of communicating. Both during obstacle course porgression and during team games, communication skills will be in high demand.
  • Exposure to basic risk management concepts during the initiation to tree climbing and the discovery of team obstacle methods.
  • Relaxing in the middle of nature has only benefits on our mind and body. Being located in the Făget forest, the adventure park invites you to fresh air, greenery and the sounds of nature.
  • The health of the team must come first. Without health, no person can give the necessary performance to the activity he is involved in. Make sure, that from time to time your team gets out in the fresh air and spends quality time with colleagues in the vicinity.

Team Building Bookings At Adrenalin Park

To ensure an unforgettable adventure with your team, we encourage you to schedule your Adrenalin Park outing in advance. The 2023 Adventure Season events calendar is loading up as we approach the summer season, so don’t leave booking to the last minute!

We are at your service via our e-mail address or you can simply book your event via the booking form.