Between the 3rd and the 19th of October 2015, the archictectural project of Adrenalin Park Chalet has been exhibited at the 2nd edition of Transylvania Architecture Biennial, from Cluj-Napoca, organised by Romanian Order of Architects – Transylvania Branch (OART) in partnership with OAR Nord-West, OAR Bihor, OAR Alba, and OAR Satu-Mare. The main author of Adrenalin Park’s architecture is arch. Müller Csaba, a prominent promoter of the organic architecture in the region and coordinator of the OPEION SERV bureau of architecture, in cooperation with stagiary arch. Müller Vilmos. On the occasion, we officially congratualate the team that was involved in the making of this original and audacious project!  

The vision of building  the adventure park

The architectural project of Adrenalin Park emerged from the common vision  of the adventure parks founders –Szélyes family and of arch. Müller Csaba de a construi o structură de primire turistică în armonie cu specificul locului și natura înconjurătoare. Reușita colaborării se datorează în mod special experienței dlui. arh.  Müller Csaba who has successfully explored the spiritual component of the adventure park: since the beginning the founders were aiming to establish Adrenalin Park  as a recreation and leisure location, where  each can enjoy nature and discover his or her own physical abilities, together with family and friends.  

The location has therefore been split in two functional areas: the area designbed for tree climbing (aerial rope courses according to the european standard for adventure parks EN 15567-1) and the area designed for guest reception –Adrenalin Park Chalet and Reception.

Adrenalin Park: a Sample of Organic Architecture in The Rural Landscape

Architect Müller Csaba’s idea was to make a building that respects the main principles of organic architecture. Adrenalin Park chalet deploys itself as a livibng organism in the middle of the forrest, being a light weight wooden structure. As one may observe on site and on the drawings, the buildinmg seems to follow the land’s and the forrest’s windings:  on the vertical axis, the architect has played with various arcades, wood pillars, windows and skylights; on the horizontal axis, the building’s footprint follows a waivy line expressing flow, fluidity and adaptability.

The structure sustains the organic integration of this building in the surrounding landscape, through organic materials and and original construction elements. Information received from eng. Kiss Alpár – structure engineer, give us an idea on the complexity of designing the Adrenalin Park Chalet and of choosing the right construction materials.

The choice of the wooden structure relies on a sum of benefits that this material presents: its adaptability, the catchy appearance, the architectural and strength special characteristics, plus the warm sensation that it exudes.

BATRA 2015_AP stand

In order to minimize the impact of the execution process on the environment, to execute complex shapes and to keep up withy the tight deadlines, we have chosen a prefabricated glued laminated timber structure.  The main advantage of the glulam, compared to solid wood – normally used, derives from the selection and production procedures: the component elements (lamellas or thin plates) are carefully selected and present only minor deformations and high crack resistance,  therefore they provide a unique visual sensation. What’s more, this technology allows the manufacture of special curved elements.

During  the structural engineering stage and the execution planning phase, the governing idea was the wood processing  option; therefore the wooden elements could have been produced in a specialized procesing unit and delivered in a packaged system to the worksite.  Consequently, the building elements have been prepared in almost ideal working conditions,  elementele construcției au fost pregătite în condiții ideale de lucru, cut to custom size. By giving up on the classic rough timber wood structure manufacturing method,  an important reduction of material waste and of execution time have been achieved, considerably winning in quality.

Since timber is an organic, hygroscopic and combustible material, a special importance has been given to the selection of treatments that are to be used in order to remove biological, chemical and fire caused hazards.

The roof of the building surprises by its supleness and its playfull shape, the framing being covered with shingles.

The terrace comprised between the arc open to the climbing courses is an area animated by the parents that admire the stunts of the little adventurers, by the climbers having a rest and by various guestsț reunions.  

Located in the Feleac massif, in Făget forrest, right near Casele Micești,  Adrenalin Park gradually turns into an emblematic objective for the organic architecture in the rural environment. At the moment, the chalet arouses admiration of guests of all ages.

About Transylvania 2015 Architecture Biennial

Imagined as a serial of events destined to bring architecture to public opinion attention and to promote the excellence in architecture, Transylvania 2015 Architecture Biennial aims at emphasizing definitory traits for quality architecture, at initiating debate and dialogue around the architecture object and its impact in the city and the community.

The exhibition – contest fromula is the core around which a series of events will gravitate as part of OAR programme for financing the architecture awards, based on an independent Awards Regulation and Organizing Principles.  The exhibition is open to all OAR partner branches and represents the corolary of their last two years of activity.

The goals of this exhibition – contest  is to reflect its members activity, to promote the best professional practicre examples and to generate postive attitude towards recent architecture.